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Our Beyond Ordinary Story

Founded in 2013, Bolton is on a mission to provide passionate professionals with unique opportunities to work directly with innovative, high-growth companies from around the world. We believe that talent should not be limited by borders, and we take pride in the hard work and boundless creativity of our people. From a small team in a modest office, we've grown to a robust company of over 1000 people (and counting) with headquarters in the Philippines, U.S., Ireland, and Singapore.

The way we work is governed by three core values:


Connect with great people


Celebrate success


Be so good they can't ignore you

We value excellence, but we also look out for each other and ensure that our people feel fulfilled and supported. That is what makes Bolton Beyond Ordinary.

What Makes a Boltoneer?

We’ve built a strong, supportive community made up of people with diverse backgrounds, personalities, and interests. Everyone on our team is unique, but we all agree: the best thing about Bolton is the people we work with every day.


Meet our Beyond Ordinary Team

Boltoneers, assemble! Here are some of the amazing people who will help guide you in your Bolton journey.

Jef Santiago
Human Resources
Joined Bolton August 10, 2020
Career Highlights

Jef is in charge of leading our HR team, which provides 24x7 support to more than 700 employees via the HR helpdesk. She has helped improve Bolton’s benefits package and has spearheaded key programs in mental health care, financial education, and performance review initiatives. With the HR team’s focus on providing a great employee experience, she and her team are the best people to support you as you start your Bolton journey.

Rob Armas
Team Mobilization
Joined Bolton November 28, 2016
Career Highlights

Working hand-in-hand with our talent acquisition team, Rob leads Bolton’s mobilization team, which is responsible for placing the right people with the right skills into the right customer teams. He collaborates with our customers in the team-building phase and recommends candidates who meet the job requirements. In other words, he will put in a good word for you if he feels you are a great fit for the team.

Elvie Hibionada
Talent Acquisition
Joined Bolton December 26, 2018
Career Highlights

Elvie leads our Talent Acquisition sourcing team and has a great track record of finding candidates who best fit our open roles. She is an expert in managing the recruitment process, evaluating the skills level and cultural fit of applicants, and advocating for promising candidates. She works with her team to make sure that the first step of your application experience runs smoothly and that you are on the right track in pursuing the role that suits you.

Reg Santos
Service Delivery, Customer Experience Teams
Joined Bolton July 13, 2020
Career Highlights

Reg has strong expertise in building productive and motivated customer experience teams. He is involved in interviewing and evaluating candidates to see if you are a good fit for the role. He works with our customers to help them create the necessary processes for the team’s success while making sure that you are prepared and equipped for your role, and that you have everything you need to thrive.

Rose Decano
Service Delivery, Tech Teams
Joined Bolton January 16, 2017
Career Highlights

Rose works with highly specialized teams focused on technology, security, networking, and knowledge processing. Her extensive experience in software engineering and IT project management makes her highly knowledgeable on what it takes for tech professionals to succeed. Throughout her stay at Bolton, she has helped establish processes with our customers to make their tech teams more efficient and productive.

Lyde Villanueva
Team Mobilization
Joined Bolton February 9, 2016
Career Highlights

As part of Team Mobilization, Lyde is one of the people you will interact with in your application. He collaborates with the Talent Acquisition team to help drive effective recruiting, interviewing, and hiring processes. Lyde oversees the assessment of candidates and confirms that your qualifications are in line with the job requirements. He is also active in promoting best practices that contribute to a great experience for you.

Ghette Lasala
Service Delivery, Data Processing Teams
Joined Bolton August 22, 2017
Career Highlights

Ghette builds high-performing data teams to support our customers’ data processing needs. She is responsible for evaluating candidates and ensuring that they can deliver accurate and reliable work. She works with our customers to create management processes for their teams and helps data analysts organize the scope of their work. Ghette is there to assist you and provide the right guidance as you advance to the next step of your career. 

Mike Mendiola
Human Resources, Employee Experience
Joined Bolton June 5, 2017
Career Highlights

Mike is a supportive and encouraging team player who always brings out the best in people and makes sure everyone is taken care of. He is the brains behind a lot of awesome employee engagement activities at Bolton and works with teams in executing initiatives that boost employee experience. Employee well-being is his top priority, and he gives his best to create a productive and fun environment at Bolton.

Nadia Tagle
Service Delivery, Customer Success
Joined Bolton June 3, 2019
Career Highlights

Nadia leads the charge on customer success and oversees our customer success teams. She helps our customers manage and get the most value out of their teams. She also ensures that you are equipped with the right tools, best practices, and proper training so you can excel in your role. She is very proactive in creating innovative processes for team development, performance coaching, and career progression.

Paw Lucero
Team Mobilization
Joined Bolton May 18, 2015
Career Highlights

Paw works on the Team Mobilization team to support you as you undergo the final stages of vetting. She is responsible for reaching out and setting expectations with applicants while proactively communicating updates and interview schedules to the different teams involved. Paw is approachable and is available to assist you with any questions you may have throughout the hiring process.

From customer success, to tech support, to data operations, we have countless engaging, innovative roles to choose from. Be part of our growing team of 1000+ Boltoneers.
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